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Official Unofficial Linux Logo

This is the full-colour version of the currenly unofficial Linux logo ("currently unofficial" just means that there has been no paperwork and that I haven't really announced it yet), though it is definately the defacto official logo. It was created by Larry Ewing, and is freely usable as long as you acknowledge Larry as the original artist.

He also has black and white versions of the Penguin available. They would look better at smaller sizes, or possibly for letter heads. on Penguin Logo ownership. Penguin images don't ask me what language the page is in though, just looked at the images. Thanks to Robin Hogan for XPenguins where the little penguins on this web page came from.



Why a Penguin? (found here)
From: Linus Torvalds <>

Ok, short version:
I've always liked penguins, and when I was in Canberra a few years ago we went to the local zoo with Andrew Tridgell (of samba fame). There they had a ferocious penguin that bit me and infected me with a little known disease called penguinitis. Penguinitis makes you stay awake at nights just thinking about penguins and feeling great love towards them. So when Linux needed a mascot, the first thing that came into my mind was this picture of the majestic penguin, and the rest is history.

Slightly more accurate version:
Yes, I was bitten by a penguin, but it wasn't actually very ferocious. It was really just a pigmy penguin about 6 inches tall or something, and it was more of a timid nibble ("is this finger a see before me a small fish, or what?"). Even so, I like penguins a lot.

More down-to-earth version:
All the other logos were too boring - I wasn't looking for the "Linux Corporate Image", I was looking for something _fun_ and sympathetic to associate with Linux. A slightly fat penguin that sits down after having had a great meal fits the bill perfectly.

Final comment:
Don't take the penguin too seriously. It's supposed to be kind of goofy and fun, that's the whole point. Linux is supposed to be goofy and fun (it's also the best operating system out there, but it's goofy and fun at the same time!).


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