It is probably not a good idea to see the last four images on an interlaced monitor.  I really don't know if it will do damage or not.  I'm not responsable for any damage it may cause.  You have been warned.  The first image is the default background in XFree86 and it seems to be a pretty good way to tell if your monitor can physically support the resolution you are displaying, that is if there is at least one pixel on the monitor for each pixel being dislayed by the video card.  If you are overdriving the monitor then you will see kind of circle like patterns, it isn't harmful to over drive the monitor in this way, you just don't get as good as picture this way.  The next pictures either alternate between lines with each line turning the different color guns either all the way on or all the way off (in realitive turns, really more of a max to min).  Only one of the images is truely white and back, the others are different colors.

bit patternblue yellowred cyangreen pinkblack-white

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