Seagate Harddrive Suit

Summary, class action suit for Seagate harddrives bought around 2001 to 2007 over GB=10^9 or GB=2^30, and you get software or money $7 (or so), and the attorneys get up to $1.7 million.

Sure, Seagate and all the other harddrive vendors deserve it. They are dealing with computer storage and need to use computer units to advertise the available storage. On the other hand I feel little sympathy for the guy who is feeling wronged here. I would be fully behind him if it would mean Seagate would change their packaging to use GB as 2^30 and as the capacity listed on web sites. But what's the chance that Seagate will change and show a lower GB number than other harddrives of the same capacity on the store shelves? No, it will probably just mean an asterisk and "GB=10^9 bytes" on the package.