Tips on applying a screen protector to a mobile device In my experience after putting on three screen protectors on the Nokia N900 cell phone the biggest problem is dust. I'll do the best job I can with cleaning the screen first, but while if I don't like the result I can try again or try a different technique, once you start putting a screen protector on, pulling it back of has a chance to damage it. It isn't a one shot, but the more attempts you try the less likely you'll get a better result.


N900 background My Nokia N900 Maemo Linux cell phone was purchased back in January 2010. It uses a resistive touch technology and as such the outside surface of the screen is plastic because it requires pressure to deform the screen for touch detection. Since it isn't the hardened glass of other screens I was definitely wanting a screen protector, I didn't even like the feel of the included stylus on the screen. So I ordered a three pack of screen protectors from Accessory Export, LLC specific to the N900 screen. For that last few months the screen has just been looking scratched up and it doesn't come out clean from my pocket wiping it off like it used to anymore, so it was time to use the last screen protector. I'm pretty particular about my displays in general. Some people touch their (non-touch) monitors frequently making it very obvious from the oils and spots on them. Not me, I tell people don't touch my display. I don't clean them frequently, but when I do I leave them pretty spotless.