A system can stay up until it's weakest link breaks. In this case it is the Plextor CD-RW that caused me to reboot, was it three times? I'm trying not to count as I wanted to make sure it was a problem with the cdrom and not something else. I upgraded the firmware from 1.02 to 1.06 (another reboot just to be safe), and upgraded the cd writing program cdrecord as well. It still hung. Hung as in, I couldn't get any response from it. So, I wrote Plextor (below), I'll see if I get any response. Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 23:02:07 -0500
To: techsupport@plextor.com
Subject: drive hung, PX-W4012A 1.06 I have a PX-W4012A (PleXWriter 40/12/40A) and I'm reporting a problem that appears to hang the drive. I'm simply reporting a problem that I'm seeing and I hope it will help Plextor in producing a better quality drive and firmware.

I'm using the following command,

cdrecord -vvv -dao -multi video.iso
This is under Linux, with the Debian distribution, kernel 2.4.26, AMD 32 bit cpu. After issuing that command cdrecord starts to see scsi timeouts and I'm unable to use the CD drive until I reboot. I've tried to have cdrecord tell the drive to eject, I've tried pressing the eject button, I've tried reading the cd (as it is blank media I wouldn't expect it to work), without any response. The light on the outside of the drive is solid green.

I hope is that someone at Plextor could verify the condition and could issue an updated firmware where the drive will no longer hang in this condition.

I have a no-name cd-burner that issues a Check Condition and doesn't lock up.

I attached some of the kernel message output and output of cdrecord when the error happened.

I'm putting this e-mail up on my web page
so anyone else having the same problem will be able to find it.

David Fries <david@fries.net>
http://fries.net/~david/ (PGP encryption key available) files

I don't think it matters what ISO image is written to the CD, but this is what I was trying to write. For those who are interested it is a four minute clip of Discovery launching in 2005 and a 2 minute clip of the first Boeing Delta 4 heavy rocket launch.
video.iso.bz2 Subject: RE: drive hung, PX-W4012A 1.06
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 21:23:03 -0700
From: Tech Support <techsupport@plextor.com>


Thank you for contacting Plextor Support.

We appreciate your brining this issue to our attention. I will forward it to the relevant department for further action.

Thank you,

Plextor America Support Team.