Datalink library for the Ironman watch.

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About the datalink watches


The Timex Datalink watches have the ability to download data and settings from a computer monitor. I have a page giving the hilights of this data transfer method. Timex has only released software for one operating system and it wasn't Linux, (or MAC, but I don't have one of those).

Watches available

There are four types of datalink watches available from Timex, three of which should be supported by this software. I only have the Timex Datalink Ironman Triathlon model, allowing me to only really test support for that version. The model 70 and 150 should work though I don't have a watch to actually test them. The model 150 and 150s are pratically the same. There is a relatively new (2002 at least), watch that Timex put out called the beepware Pager Watch that also supports datalink downloading from a computer. I do not expect this watch to work with the datalink software. If someone wants to decode this protocol and add support I would gladly accept patches, but I don't have this watch and there isn't much I can do. Feel free to e-mail me if you have this watch and want some advice on where to begin.

Types and features


The current version is available in the download directory. It is available in source version only. I have only tested the this software with SVGALib under Linux. I do not know if it will run under any other Unix.

If you decide to try this out, please send an e-mail to I would like to know which watch you have so I can have a list of testers for the watch models I don't have. I am also interested in success stories, a simple note that you tried it, bug reports (with or without fixes), feature requests, etc about this program.

Release Notes

I can only test the program with the Timex DataLink Ironman Triathlon watch under Linux with the SVGAlib Linux output. I have reports from other people saying it works with other models of the watch also, I just can't test the other versions.

Settable watch information.

Most labels are eight characters, exceptions are listed.

How this version came about

After I had bought this watch I looked around for Linux software to control the watch with and I found the Datalink library by Karl R. Hakimian. It uses SVGA to draw the lines on the screen, because you must have the verticle retrace signal to send data to the watch. Unfortunetly, his library only supports the other two datalink watches, the model 70 and 150. The Ironman has features different from those watches. So I added support to the Datalink library and it is ready to test out. It should be fully functional, but it still needs testing. There are features left to add, like being able to detect if the watch's memory is full, (it does not currently).

Pseudo Screen Shot

Pseudo Screen Shot/animation and more information about the data transfer method is available here.

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